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Welcome to Lisa Visco's website!

The course webpages (to the left) contain PowerPoint slides, digital handouts, solutions to homework problems, quizzes and exams, as well as links to external resources which may be useful to students. In addition, student scoresheets are uploaded to course webpages after each midterm examination.

Events and Announcements
Updated 07/15/06

Summer Medical and Dental Education Program at UCLA

Summer Undergraduate Research Programs!
Don't be shy, these programs are designed for beginning science, medicine and engineering students just like you! Plus, they're fun! You'll get to meet people, learn stuff, make a few bucks, and have something really cool to put on your application when you transfer!

Subdisciplines of Chemistry
For those of you who are considering chemistry as a major (or minor). You will be introduced to physical and inorganic chemistry when you take General Chemistry. Your instructor may or may not touch on the other subdisciplines. Interesting work, lots of job opportunities. Take a look and see if anything strikes your fancy.

Last modified: 07/14/06